Addingtons in the 1940 Census



The 1940 US census through has been searched and all references to individuals carrying the Addington surname have been recorded.  An effort has been made to identify how each individual is related to the various Addington families in the USA.


The current version of this data is searchable using the below link.


The format of the data is  State, County, Township or census page number, Surname, Given Name, age, sex, occupation, state of birth, individual identification of family relationship.  Not all data column may be present in each record. 


The family code is the one used in the book Addingtons of the United States,  published in 1998 by David Vern Addington and George H. Bull.    (A-  descendant of Henry and Sarah Addington of South Carolina,  AV- descendant of William Addington of Virginia,  AM- descendant of a Maryland patriarch,  AC- descendant of John Addington of CT, born about 1719)



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If you have additional data on identifying any individual listed in the census, or others questions or comment, please contact the Addington Association Webmaster



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