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The 1940 US census through has been searched and all references to individuals carrying the Addington surname have been recorded.  An effort has been made to identify how each individual is related to the various Addington families in the USA.  There are about 2,930 Addingtons and family members in the 1940 census.    

Virginia had the largest number of Addingtons with 426, almost all descended from the William Addington of VA.  Other states with large number of Addingtons were Texas with 293, Indiana with 261, California with 241, Oklahoma with 189, Georgia with 122 and Tennessee with 102 Addingtons.  The only states without any Addingtons listed were Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire.  There were two Addingtons in Alaska and one in Panama but none in Hawaii (although there was an Addington family in Hawaii in the 1930 census).

About 6% of the Addingtons in the 1940 census have not been identified with one of the Addington families and are currently listed as unknown ancestry.  The descendants of Henry and Sarah Addington of PA/SC, is the largest Addington family in the US with about 62% of the 1940 listings.  The next largest family are the descendants of William Addington of VA with about 24% of the listings.  The descendants of the Maryland Addington line are about 3% of the listings and the descendants of John Addington of CT are also about 3%. 

Help is needed in identifying the unknown Addingtons.  The unknowns are listed at the following webpage:

Unknown Addingtons in the 1940 Census


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