Addington, Oklahoma

The town of Addington, Oklahoma is located in Jefferson County, Oklahoma. Addington is positioned at 34 14' 40"N and 97 58' 0" W of the prime meridian. It elevation is 964 feet above sea level.

The population of Addington is approximately 100. The distance to the Oklahoma state capital is 88 miles. Zip code for the town is 73520.

The town of Addington was no more than a ranch headquarters during the Chisholm Trail period. The town is named after James Preston Addington (1842 - 1915). The town was not officially incorporated until 1907.

James Preston Addington is a son of Jarrett Addington and his wife Lucinda Amanda Spivey. Jarrett was born in 1817 in South Carolina and moved his family to Texas about 1857.

Here is a short history taken from the book: Addington, The Family of Henry and Sarah Addington, beginning in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1996, by Veda Addington Lindsey

Addington, James Preston b. 11 Jul 1842 in Adairsville, Gilmer County, GA, d. 1 Jun 1915
in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, OK

James Preston "Press" ADDINGTON, and his brothers, Zachary T., Christopher C. and Andrew J., moved into the Chickasaw Nation, Oklahoma Indian Territory, between 1860-1870. They controlled thousands of acres of ranch land and ran cattle herds numbering in the thousands, both in Texas and Oklahoma. In the late 1800s, the large ranches were broken up. The Chickasaw Indians charged the ADDINGTONs as "intruders" and were able to reclaim most of the reservation land. When the Rock Island Raidroad came into the area, a town was plotted with the intention of making it a "Rock Island town." Press, along with two other prominent men of the area, laid out the present townsite and the Rock Island officials abandoned their plans. The town was named ADDINGTON, Oklahoma, in honor of James Preston ADDINGTON, promoter and first postmaster.

Hugh M. Addington in his 1960 book, page 9, says that Samuel L., Thomas L., and John LaSalle Addington, sons of John L. Addington (of Indiana) and his second wife Nancy Fancher were identified with "Addington" Oklahoma. Two of those sons did move to Oklahoma but they did not live near the town of Addington. This error needs to be corrected for the record.


The Addington Cemetery is easily accessed from the small town of Addington which sits on U. S. Highway 81 on the northern edge of Jefferson County, Oklahoma. From U. S. Highway 81 in Addington, the cemetery road is plainly marked heading east 0.3 mile then turns south before reaching the Cemetery entrance. Total distance from the highway to the Cemetery entrance is 1.1 miles.

Buried there are:
ADDINGTON, Jarrett S. 1872 1942 Woodsmen of the World Memorial (A-2-10-1-2-2)
ADDINGTON, Della E. Mar 22, 1879 Dec 3, 1902 Wife of J. S. Addington (A-2-10-1-2-2sp)
ADDINGTON, Alice M. Nov 17, 1897 Dec 8, 1902 Dau of J. S. Addington (A-2-10-1-2-2-1)
ADDINGTON, Isabel F. Sept 10, 1899 Nov 1, 1900 Dau of J. S. & D. E. Addington (A-2-10-1-2-2-2)
ADDINGTON, Daisy A. July 15, 1883 Dec 31, 1924 Mother (A-2-10-1-5-5sp)
ADDINGTON, Leon Nov 8, 1904 Jan 11, 1933 (A-2-10-1-5-5-1)
ADDINGTON, O. B. Jan 31, 1910 Dec 19, 1919 (A-2-10-1-5-5-?)
ADDINGTON, Ruby F. Oct 5, 1902 Dau of O. B. & D Addington, Aged 4m 15d (A-2-10-1-5-5-0.5)
ADDINGTON, Z. A. Oct 18, 1901 Aged 21y 11m 8d (A-2-10-1-5-4)



Located 1 mile west of Ringling, Hy. 70, 1 mile south on Cemetery Road. This cemetery was established in the late 1870's.

Buried there are:
Addington, Aubrey 1876 1933 (A-2-10-1-4-1)
Addington, Catherine 1896 1934 (A-2-10-1-4-1sp)


The 1900 census shows the following Addingtons in this Oklahoma area:

OK, Chickasaw Nation, Addington, Jarrett S., 27, Sep-72, TX/GA/TX, A-2-10-1-2-2
OK, Chickasaw Nation, Addington, Della E., 21, Mar-79, IL, A-2-10-1-2-2sp
OK, Chickasaw Nation, Addington, Alice M., 2, Nov-97, Indterr, A-2-10-1-2-2-1
OK, Chickasaw Nation, Addington, Isibell, 0, Sep-99, Indterr, A-2-10-1-2-2-2
OK, Chickasaw Nation, Adams, Jes. N. (BinL), 19, Jul-80, IL, A-2-10-1-2-2 in-law
OK, Chickasaw Nation, Adams, Charles (BinL), 18, Feb-82, IL, A-2-10-1-2-2 in-law
OK, Chickasaw Nation, Adams, Gracie (SisinL), 14, Jul-85, IL, A-2-10-1-2-2 in-law
OK, Chickasaw Nation, Adams, Hazel (SisinL), 14, Jul-85, IL, A-2-10-1-2-2 in-law

OK, Chickasaw Nation, Addington, Will H. (Indian ?), 25, Oct-74, TX/GA/MO, A-2-10-1-5-2
OK, Chickasaw Nation, Addington, Bettie L., 21, Sep-78, TX, A-2-10-1-5-2sp
OK, Chickasaw Nation, Addington, Clide V., 2, Nov-97, Indterr, A-2-10-1-5-2-1
OK, Chickasaw Nation, Addington, Chester, 0, Sep-99, Indterr, A-2-10-1-5-2-2

OK, Chickasaw Nation, Addington, Zachary, 52, Oct-47, GA/NC/MO, A-2-10-1-4
OK, Chickasaw Nation, Addington, Rachel E., 33, Jan-67, IA, A-2-10-1-4sp2
OK, Chickasaw Nation, Addington, Aubrey, 23, Dec-76, Indterr, A-2-10-1-4-2
OK, Chickasaw Nation, Addington, Alice, 21, Feb-79, Indterr, A-2-10-1-4-3
OK, Chickasaw Nation, Addington, Roscoe, 16, Jul-83, TX, A-2-10-1-4-5
OK, Chickasaw Nation, Addington, Jocie, 11, Sep-88, TX, A-2-10-1-4-6
OK, Chickasaw Nation, Addington, Calvin C., 6, Dec-93, Indterr, A-2-10-1-4-7
OK, Chickasaw Nation, Addington, Vera, 4, Mar-96, Indterr, A-2-10-1-4-8
OK, Chickasaw Nation, Addington, Albert B., 0, Jan-00, Indterr, A-2-10-1-4-9
OK, Chickasaw Nation, Addington, Horace G (ne), 25, Oct-74, TX, A-2-10-1-2-3

The 1910 census shows the following in Jefferson County:

OK, Jefferson, Addington, Auby, 32, TX/MS/TX, A-2-10-1-4-2
OK, Jefferson, Addington, Arizona, 26, TX, A-2-10-1-4-2sp
OK, Jefferson, Addington, Celia, -- , dau, OK, A-2-10-1-4-2-1
OK, Jefferson, Addington, Columbus C., 18, bro, TX, A-2-10-1-4-7
OK, Jefferson, Addington, Albert , 9, bro, OK, A-2-10-1-4-9
OK, Jefferson, Addington, Zach T., 7, bro, OK, A-2-10-1-4-10

OK, Jefferson, Waurika, Addington, Carl L., 18, IL, A-1-9-1-3-2-1?
OK, Jefferson, Waurika, Addington, enw Demon A. Miller,

The 1920 census shows in the town of Addington:

OK, Jeff, Addington, Albert B., 20, OK, A-2-10-1-4 related
OK, Jeff, Addington, neph. of Orlando F. Beavers

OK, Jefferson, Addington, Addington, O. B., 36, OK, A-2-10-1-5-5
OK, Jefferson, Addington, Addington, Daisy, 35, IL, A-2-10-1-5-5sp
OK, Jefferson, Addington, Addington, Leon, 16, OK, A-2-10-1-5-5-1
OK, Jefferson, Addington, Addington, Hazel, 14, OK, A-2-10-1-5-5-2
OK, Jefferson, Addington, Addington, Garland, 12, OK, A-2-10-1-5-5-3
OK, Jefferson, Addington, Addington, Murphy, 6, OK, A-2-10-1-5-5-4
OK, Jefferson, Addington, Addington, Earnest, 4, OK, A-2-10-1-5-5-5

Road Map of Addington, OK

Ariel Map of Addington, OK (from USGS terraserver maps)

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