Benefits / How to Join
Addington Association

Members of the Addington Association receive 3 Newsletters a year in June, October and February.  Not all information in the Newsletters is reported on this Internet site.

Members of the Addington Association have special family documents, photos and descendants lists available on the members only web site which are not available from the Home page.

The dues are only $8 per year (or $15 for 3 years) and support the cost of the Newsletters and support for the annual reunions plus the costs of running the association.

Mail dues ($8 per year or $15 for 3 years, payable in June of each year with check made out to the Addington Association) with name and address to:

The Addington Association
c/o Secretary - Treasurer
19326 Foxtree Lane
Houston, TX 77094

The following family mementos are still available from past reunions:


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