Addington Immigrants to North America

Listed below are the Addingtons that were born or believed born in England and immigrated to America. Most of these Addington immigrants have not been traced back to specific ancestral lines in England due to lack of data. Since the Addington name is of English origin and all Addingtons apparently came from England, it is likely that some or many of these families are related in England. However, none of these families have been tied together with any documented evidence. The most famous Addington family is the one of Henry Addington who was prime minister of England in 1801. This family has been documented in the book Addington by E. V. H. Belfield published in England in 1959. Again, no evidence has been found to directly relate any of the American Addingtons to the family of Henry Addington, although some are probably related. Hiley Addington, a descendant of this Henry Addington and his wife Brenda, have researched the North American Addingtons but have found little to link to the English branches of the families. Brenda Addington published a short summary of their findings in 1982 in a book entitled Addington: A Search.

Only for Stephen (#6), William (#7) and James (#12) do we know their parents or place of origin in England. Some of the immigrants show up in only one census and then we have no further record of them. Perhaps some of them were just a mis-spelling of the name for that one census. Did they die without issue or did they return home or emigrate to some other country? Most often, we just do not know.

In the 1940 US census of Addingtons descendants:  63% have been identified as descendants of Henry of SC (#2A),  25% descendants of William of VA (#4),  3.3% descendants of the Maryland branch (#5),  3.2% descendants of John of CT (#3),  3.9% unknown (mainly of race negro), and about 1% from later immigrants (#7, #12 and Sabird Addington)

[Immigrant #1]
Isaac Addington of Boston, died 1653
Isaac Addington is first recorded in 1640 when he was admitted to membership in First Church of Boston. Isaac was a surgeon by occupation and ship owner. He married Anne Leverett and they had one son, Isaac, Jr. (born 22 Jan 1645, died 1715), and three daughters, Anne (born 1646), Rebecca (born 1649) and Sarah (born 1652). Isaac probably died sometime in 1653 since his widow was granted administration of his property in December of that year. Isaac may have died at sea, perhaps to or from his shipping interests in the West Indies.

Isaac Addington, Jr. married twice, first to Elizabeth Bowen (1646-1712) and second in 1713 to Elizabeth (Norton) Wainwright. He had one daughter by his first wife but she probably died young since she is not listed in his will. Isaac Addington Jr. was a prominent citizen and a member of the House of Representative and its Speaker in 1685. He was Secretary of the Province in 1690 and continued in this position until his death. Since Isaac Addington, Jr. was apparently the only son of Isaac Addington and he had no surviving children, the Addington family name appears to have died out with the 2nd known generation of this family. There are numerous descendants from the three daughters in some well-known Boston families.

At this time we do not know the origins of this Isaac Addington in England

[Immigrant #2]
John Addington of Bucks County, Pennsylvania
John Addington is first listed in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania records when he is recorded as paying a tax in Middletown Township in 1693 and is listed individually in several other court and land records through 1716. In 1722, he is listed on a land deed with wife Elizabeth. The Henry Addington listed below was born about 1720 to 1727. The 1722 deed is the last record known referring to John Addington. Later on 30 Oct 1727, a Bucks County marriage listing records Andrew Galloway marrying an Elizabeth Addington. Did John die and Elizabeth remarry or was this Elizabeth a daughter of John and Elizabeth? John and Elizabeth could very likely be the parents of:

[Immigrant #2A] Henry Addington of Pennsylvania, Virginia and South Carolina,
born 1720/7, d. 1787, South Carolina
Henry Addington first appears in 1735 Bucks County, PA legal records and then in 1742 as paying a tax. Family tradition says that Henry was born in London but he could just as likely be the son of John and Elizabeth. Henrys wife is first mentioned as Elizabeth and then later as Sarah. He is believed to have married Sarah Burson although no documentation is currently known to prove this. One old family bible says Henry married Elizabeth Buson but this must have been written many years after the event. Henry and Sarah moved in 1765 to Loudoun County, Virginia where several records show they leased a farm. About 1772, Henry moved his family to Union County, South Carolina where he received a land grant in 1774. Henry and Sarah lived on this farm until he died in 1787. Sarah moved with her oldest son, John, to Indiana in 1806 and died in Wayne County, Indiana in 1826.

Henry and Sarah are the ancestors of the largest group of Addingtons in the US with numerous descendants throughout the country. Their son, William Addington, served in the Revolutionary War is several different units and received a pension in 1833 for his service. William Addington moved to North Carolina and many descendants have stayed in the south in North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama but some descendants also moved west to Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma. The oldest
son John was a Quaker and moved to Indiana in 1806 and a majority of the Indiana Addingtons are his descendants. Son James was also a soldier in the American Revolutionary War and fought with Col. Brandon and Gen. Francis Marion in the
Carolinas. James died in 1799 and his older children were married and stayed in the south while some of the younger children moved to Indiana with their Uncle John. Henry and Sarahs daughter Elizabeth had two sons who stayed in the south in Tennessee and Mississippi and later many of their descendants moved to Texas. Some of the descendants of John and William followed the general westward migration and ended up on the West Coast.

The first documentation of this Addington family was done by Hugh M. Addington (of the Virginia Addingtons) in his book, Addington, Volume II, U. S. A. and England (Nickelsville, Virginia, 1960). This book includes many errors because the data was gathered by correspondence with numerous individuals and there was no easy way to verify the information. Lee Monroe Addington, a descendant of Henry Addington through his son William began tracing his lineage after he retired and wrote a book entitled The Crooked Trail. This book related his families movement from Alabama after the Civil War to Wisconsin and Minnesota. An Addington Association for this line was formed in 1988 and annual reunions have been held throughout the country since then. The descendants of Henry and Sarah Addington are documented in the 1989 book Addington, a directory of the descendants of Henry and Sarah Addington of Union County, South Carolina by Naomi Louise Addington Patterson and Mary Jane Edwards. The book An Addington/Chalfant Family History by David Vern Addington in 1992 gives more details on the Indiana Addingtons. An updated book of descendants entitled Addington, The Family of Henry and Sarah Addington, beginning in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, was published by Veda Addington Lindsey in 1996. In the 1920 census, the largest groups of descendants from this line were in Indiana, Georgia, California, Texas and Oklahoma.

The first known record of this family is the 1693 legal record for John Addington in Bucks Co., PA.   John Addington is assumed to by Henry's father and the immigrant.  A paid research study was done in 2019/2020 by Pro Genealogist, Inc. to try to identify the origin of this John Addington.  There are 6 to 10 possible John Addingtons (and Addison/Atherton) born in the time frame 1655 to 1672 and a few can be eliminated.

The 3 most likely possibilities from this work are:

John Addington bapt, 15 Jun 1662, Fringford, Oxfordshire  (father John)

John Addington, baptized 1671 in St Dunstan, Stepney, London  (father Laurence)

John Addington, baptized 8 Feb 1673 in Aynho, Northamptonshire

The final conclusion of the report is that there are insufficient records to identify this John Addington.

[Immigrant #3]
John Addington of Connecticut, born c1719, died some time after 1758
John Addington first appears in Greenwich, Connecticut where he married Hannah Hobby about 1742 and they had several sons and daughters as recorded in Fairfield County, Connecticut birth records. There is no evidence about the origin of John Addington so he is probably an immigrant from England or given his estimated birth year, he could possibly be a son of John and Elizabeth Addington of Bucks Co., PA. Some of Johns sons later moved to New York and there are several descendants with concentrations in Erie and Oneida Counties, New York. Several small branches of this family can also be found in Wisconsin, Kansas and Iowa. Son William Addington was a loyalist during the Revolutionary War, was tried for high treason and later moved to Nova Scotia where he received a land grant. There are Addingtons in Nova Scotia and later Maine who are Williams descendants.

The y-dna study done by the Addington Association showed that this John Addington of CT is very closely related to Henry Addington (#2A)  At this time John Addington of CT is considered to be a son of John Addington(#2), likely a brother to Henry Addington(2A)  and therefore not an immigrant. 

[Immigrant #4]
William Addington of Virginia, born about 1750 in London according to family tradition
William Addington immigrated to the American colonies about 1770 according to family tradition and eventually settled in Virginia where he married Margaret Cromwell in 1774 in Culpepper County. A passenger record from Prince William County, Virginia documents shows a William Addington transported from Great Britain to Virginia by Alexander Campbell in June 1773 so this must be the correct date of his arrival. see records at
William Addington is said to have fought in the American Revolution and been Commissary to George Washington. He is reported to have been present at the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown on October 19, 1781. His name has not been found on any records of that war.

After the war, William Addington moved his family to North Carolina and then to Russell County, Virginia. There are numerous descendants of William Addington through his sons Charles Cromwell Addington and William Addington, and daughters Elizabeth Addington (m. Alexander Montgomery) and Margaret Addington (Tandy Welch and Peter Stallard). William Addington died in 1805 in a hospital in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Most of the descendants of William Addington have remained in Virginia but there are concentrations in Kentucky and Tennessee. The history of this family was first recorded in 1906 by John L. Addington, Sr., a grandson of William Addington. Hugh M. Addington, a great great grandson of William collected family data and published his book, History of the Addington Family in the United States and England (Service Printery, Kingsport, Tennessee, 1931). This book serves as the basis for a great deal of Addington family history that is known. The descendants of William Addington were updated in an excellent book entitled The Addingtons of Virginia, the Descendants of William Addington and Margaret Cromwell by Nancy Clark Brown and Rhonda Robertson published in 1994. There is an Addington Association for this family that holds annual reunions in southwest Virginia.

The y-dna study done by the Addington Association included an Addington descendant in England who descends from a Bedfordshire Addington line that is dated back to a Silvestor Addington (b. 1589, Bedfordshire, d. 1651).  The descendants of William Addington of Virginia(#4) are related to this English Addington line but the exact connection has not been established.  A researcher for this family says that a Sir William Addington (b. April 1728, d., April 1811) was William's father but this may still be an assumption and has not supported by legal/vital records.  From the records it appears that Sir William Addington had no descendants – His will leaves everything to his nephew and nieces – no mention of wife or children! Unless of course he disapproved of them going to USA and therefore disinherited them!! Or an illegitimate son

[Immigrant #5] Unknown Addington patriarch in Maryland There is one reference to a Thomas Addington in Maryland in 1733 and a Richard Addington in 1787.     The early Maryland records show a private schoolmaster named Thomas Addington in Prince George County in 1735. In 1733 Thomas Addington is listed as a witness on two wills ( written as Eddington on one). He died. by 11 Aug 1740 when William Tylor and James Bolton appraised his personal estate at 12.4.2. No apparent descendants and maybe no connection to the Addingtons who later appear in Maryland around the 1780s.     We do not know when this Addington arrived in Maryland or do we know the names of the families. From this family, one son Richard (b. 1780-1790) moved to Calvert County, Maryland by 1810 and later to Norfolk, Virginia where there were descendants for many years. Another probable descendant, William Henry Addington, born 1776 in Maryland, moved to Ohio County, Kentucky by 1800 where he married Dorcus Barnard. His sister Henrietta Addington married William Phipps and also moved to Ohio County, Kentucky. There are also marriage records in Anne Arundel County, Maryland for Dorcus Addington (m. 1778 Richard White), Mary Addington (m. 1780 James Douglas) and Sarah Addington (m 1788 Geo. Paulk) and these are probably related to the same family. There are numerous descendants of this Addington family still located in Ohio County, Kentucky and southern Indiana in Warrick County. The Kentucky branch of this Addington family line has been documented in a paper entitled Genealogy of My Family by Alene Addington Holst available on microfilm from the LDS Library.

No connection back to England has been established for this Addington family.  

[Immigrant #6]
Stephen Addington of New Jersey, born 1757, Leicestershire, England, died 27 May 1824, New York City
Stephen was the son of Stephen (1729-1796) and Agnes (Reymes) Addington and the grandson of Samuel and Mary (Proctor) Addington of Northampton, England. Stephen, the immigrant, is one of the few immigrants who we can tie directly back to English parents. He immigrated to Philadelphia and was in several professions. He married Sarah Rhoda Brookfield and they had at least four children. In 1818, he moved to New York where he died in 1824 in New York City. One grandson, John, later moved to California but apparently he did not marry. Another grandson, Stephen, also moved to California where he died without issue so the Addington family name apparently died out in this line in North America. A daughter of Stephen and Agnes (Reymes) Addington, Mary married in England a surgeon named John Symonds and became the grandmother of the writer, critic and historian, John Addington Symonds.   there was a Philip Addington s/o Stephen & Agnes Reymes who was born 1771 and married a Martha Watson in 1794 in Oxford. Then nothing except a very frustrating entry for his name in Jamaica but no record to see on ancestry!!!

[Immigrant #7]
William Addington of St. Louis, born 1796, Northampton, England, died 1852, St. Louis, Missouri
William Addington was the son of Samuel and Ann (Cox) Addington who lived in Northamptonshire.  William married Doretta Smith and they had at least 3 sons and 2 daughters. They are listed in the 1850 St. Louis, Missouri census with occupation of "confectinaire". William and Doretta died in St. Louis.  Sons George and Joseph were later found in Albany County, NY so the family may have been located there before moving to St. Louis. There may be descendants still located in Albany County.

William married Dorothy Smith 28th October 1819 I Lamport, Northamptonshire.


Elizabeth Dorothy baptised 10 June 1821 in Ashley & Wilbarston Independent, Northamptonshire

William baptised 19 May 1822

Ann baptised 5 October 1823

Eliza baptised 13 November 1825

Joseph baptised 19 August 1827 all in the same parish abiding in Carlton.

Samuel Addington is mentioned as a Shepherd in the Northampton Militia Book in 1777 and his parents were William Addington (1722-1786) and Anne Digby living in Milton Malsor, Northamptonshire who had 7 other children.


[Immigrant #8]
John Addington of Wisconsin and Nebraska, born c1818, England "Shoemaker"
John Addington is first listed in the 1850 Brown County, Wisconsin census as single and occupation "shoemaker." He is shown as being 32 years old and having been born in England. In the 1860 census he is found in Obtoe County, Nebraska,
age 45, born England, occupation "shoemaker" with wife Harriet and children. From the ages of the older children it would appear that this is a second marriage for Harriet and the older children were from her first marriage. In 1870, this John Addington is in Saline Co., NE with son Robert, age 13, born Wisconsin. It also lists his birth location as Northampton, England. Northamptonshire had a thriving shoemaking industry in the 1800s so that is where is must have learned his profession. There are no Addingtons in the 1880 Nebraska census and no other records on John have been found. Son Robert is found in the 1900 Saline Co., NE census.

This John Addington could be listed in the 1841 UK census but it is not clear if he is.

[Immigrant #9A]
1850 Pennsylvania, Berks County census, pg 283
Addington, John F., 49, "accountant", born England

[Immigrant #9B]
1850 Philadelphia census, pg 373
Addington, Thomas, 40, "moulder", born England

[Immigrant #9C]
1850 Philadelphia census
Addington, Thomas, 12, born England, in William Scott household

John F., Thomas and Thomas Addington may be related but we have no information besides these census data. No further records of these three have been found.

[Immigrant #10A]
1860 NY census, New York City, 14th Ward, pg 21
Addington, Mathew, 56, "tailor", born England
No family. Only reference to this Mathew Addington.

[Immigrant #10B] 1860 NY census, Brooklyn, 14th Ward, pg 40
Addington, John, 56, "cooper", born England
with wife Mary, age 56 and 7 children from ages 10 to 32, all born England. Only reference to this family and no other information has been located.
Family name is Adlington in 1851 Westmoreland, England census.

[Immigrant #11]
1900 Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
Edward Addington, age 49, born Apr 1851, England
Carrie Addington, 44, England
Daisy Addington, 23, Wisconsin
Violetta Addington, 17, Wisconsin
Edward and wife Caroline first show up in the 1880 Iowa County, Wisconsin census with daughter Daisey, age 3 and Edward listed as Edwin. The 1900 census says they immigrated in 1872.

He is William Edwin Addington (1848-1906) and son of John Addington & Ann Friday

1861 UK Census,   Syresham, Northamptonshire

John Addington  46
Ann Addington  46
Edwin Addington  13
1880 US Census
WI Iowa Mineral Point Town Addington Edwin 32 Eng/Eng
WI Iowa Mineral Point Town Addington Caroline 27 Eng/Eng
WI Iowa Mineral Point Town Addington Daisey 3 Eng/Eng
WI Iowa Mineral Point Town Addington John 66 Eng/Eng
WI Iowa Mineral Point Town Addington Ann 60 Eng/Eng
[Immigrant #12]
James Addington of California, born c1863, Hull, Yorkshire, England, d. after 1920
(1900 San Mateo County, CA, 1910 Calaveras County, CA, 1920 Lake and Alameda Co., CA)
James Addington immigrated in about 1890 and married an Indian woman, Valentina Sepulveda, by whom he had several children. In a later census, his wife is listed as Rose so this is probably a second marriage. There are several descendants of James who still live in California.

AJ-    Henry Addington, b. 1785-1798, m. Mary ?   

AJ-1-  Robert Addington, b.  c1816,  Banbury, Oxfordshire,  d. Jun 1886, Riding, Northumberland,   m. 5 Jun 1836, Whitechapel, Middlesex,  Charlotte  Wahler, b. c1816

AJ-1-1-   Robert Addington, b. bapt 22 Jan 1837,  London Whitechapel St. Mary (1881 census Yorkshire), d. Oct 1903, Riding, Northumberland,  m. Harriet Smith, b. ca 1836, Yorkshire, d. 1898, Yorkshire

AJ-1-1-1- James Addington, b. c1863, Cottingham, Yorkshire, England, d. 27 May 1931, Lakeport, Lake Co., CA, (1900 Calaveras Co., CA, 1910 San Mateo  Co., CA, 1920 Lake, Alameda Co., CA)  (arrived Philadelphia 28 May 1882)    m. c1888, CA, Valentina Sepulveda, b. 14 Feb 1861, San Fernando, d. 21 Nov 1952, Kern Co., CA,  m. 2nd Rose ? , b. c1899, England


[Immigrant #13]
1900 Washington Co., Minnesota census
Robert Addington, 37, Jan 1863, born Canada/England
wife Lena, 35, born Minnesota
Robert's place of birth in the 1900 census is listed as Canada/Eng as is the place of birth for both his parents. He immigrated in 1888 and his occupation was a telegraph operator. There are no known descendants and Robert and Lena have not been found in the 1910 or 1920 censuses.

[Immigrant #14]
1900 NY census, New York City, Manhattan
Addington, E. R., age 27, born Feb 1873, England - parents born Ireland
Addington, Mary, age 22, born Jun 1878, NY - parents born Ireland
E. R. immigrated in 1890 according to the 1900 census. E. R. apparently was born in England but his parents in Ireland so they must have moved to England from Ireland before his birth. No additional references to E. R. or Mary have been found.

Immigrant #15]
1900 Pennsylvania census, Montgomery County, Lower Mirian Township
William Addington, age 56, born Mar 1844, England
First and only reference to this William Addington.


[Immigrant #16]
1910 Butte County, California
Addington, Robert B., 30, Eng, Immigrant, parents born England
boarder, no family
Robert immigrated in 1905 and his occupation is listed as retail grocer. He is found in the 1920 census in Multnomah County, OR, again with no family. No further information is known.

[Immigrant #17]
1920 Oneida County, New York census
John J. Addington, age 46, born Ireland, Citizen MA-1895
Ellen Addington, age 47, born Ireland, Citizen MA-1895
Ellen V. Couley, age 25, born NY (apparently daughter)
First and only reference to this family who apparently were in the states by 1895 or earlier. Only Addington immigrants that were born in Ireland. Often English soldiers were stationed in Ireland for long periods of time and perhaps these persons are children of such soldiers. No further information.

[Immigrant #18]
1920 Sacramento County, California census
Archie Addington, age 30, born England
Last immigrant up to 1920. No further information.



Additional data:


In the 1860 census, there is a  H. Addington,  male, age 6, listed in the household of Catherine Conners in New London, Norwich, CT.  Everyone in the household is listed as born in Ireland.   No subsequent information was found on an H. Addington so the data is somewhat suspect and no ancestry is known. 


In the 1870 census a Walter Addington, male, age 18 is listed in Ware, Hampshire Co., MA, single, no family, working in a cotton mill.  This Walter is apparently another immigrant and is labeled as [Immigrant #19].  No further data  is found on Walter in later census data. 


 In the 1880 census, there is a John Addington, male, b. 1814, England and wife Ann Addington, b. 1814, England, living in the household of Edwin (or Edward) Addington [immigrant #11].  Apparently Edwin's parents who immigrated after 1870.  They are labeled [Immigrant #11F] and {Immigrant #11M].


In the 1910 census, there is a Carl Addington, age 21, no family, miner, born Germ, parents born Germ/Germ listed in Missoula Co., MT.  The names is  probably an anglicized German name and he is not related to the Addington family.

In the 1910 census, there is a Joseph Addington, age 66 in Laporte, Michigan Co., IN in the Indiana State Prison.  The census says he was naturalized in 1856? ( little hard to read).  It is unclear why if the 1856 date is correct that he has not been found in earlier censuses.  He is labeled as [Immigrant #20] 


In the 1920 census, there is a Michael Addington, age 52, born Ireland, parents born Ireland/Ireland, listed in 4-WD, Port Jervis,  Orange Co., NY.  No wife is listed but a son was born in 1904 in NR.  Labeled as [Immigrant #21]. 


 England Addington Families