Unsolved Mysteries and Queriess

The following are references to Addingtons that have not been identified or correlated to any family grouping. Comments, theories and additional information on each of these would be appreciated. Please email or write the Addington Association with your comments.

1. Henry Addington paid taxes in the amount of 5 pounds and 1 pound, 5 shilling, at Northampton Township, Bucks Co., PA in the year 1778. (This seems too late for our patriarch Henry who moved to Loundon Co., VA in 1765 and to South Carolina by 1774, died in SC in 1787)

2. Jane Adington married John Donhaven at Swedes Church, Philadelphia on 9 Aug 1780.

3. From Cavaliers and Pioneers by Nell Nugent: On the 23rd of April 1639, Jonathan Addington, a slave boy to one Edward Travis, was brought to Jamestown, Virginia from England.

4. Who is the Rebecca Addington, suspected witch who died 26 Sep 1692 at Cambridge Prison in MA? Records show her to have married a William Chamberlain (1619-1706) in 1646. She is apparently not related to the Isaac Addington who is in Boston by 1650.

5. Who are the Henry and John Addington of the following reference?

Maryland State Archives
(Assessment of 1783, Index)
Calvert County
MSA S 1437

Henry Addington. CV 1st District, p. 1. MSA S 1161-3-1 1/4/5/46

John Addington. CV 1st District, p. 1. MSA S 1161-3-1 1/4/5/46

at http://www.mdarchives.state.md.us/msa/stagser/s1400/s1437/html/1437cv.html


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